Friday, June 09, 2006

Tired Since Tuesday

I was quite busy on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday I had a long meeting for one of my volunteer jobs. It was nice to talk about things and to get feedback. I hope to have a meeting next week that will get that position back on track.

On Wednesday I stopped in at the office to clarify something and then I helped a coworker with some computer stuff. Afterwards I had lunch at John's Place with my friend DJ. We had a nice talk.

When I got home I had a hilarious chat with a friend using a mix of voice and text. I was tired after that and fell asleep for hours. Yup, old man Firemind was outlasted by the super-genius. Oh well. :)

I went shopping tonight and had some Chinese food. Since then I have been talking on the phone, blogging, and chatting online. I am not tired at all so it looks like this will be a long night.

I wonder what Friday's shift will be like. It is usually not boring and can be quite busy. Maybe I will get to talk to that interesting person I met last week. We exchanged names and shook hands twice. Hehe, now I sound like the people I chatted with tonight.


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