Sunday, July 02, 2006

Amazing Day

I woke up early and met friends at Don Mee's for dim sum. We had a good visit and ate well.

After lunch I walked home while drinking an iced latte. It was very hot today.

When I got home I chatted with friends and checked blogs and did some other stuff. It was fun and not too hectic.

Around 4:30 I walked over to Fisherman's Wharf to eat at Barb's but it was too busy. I did have some ice cream at Jackson’s though.

There were three Harbour Seals begging for food and getting well fed. People were buying salmon and crab and feeding the seals. Sometimes people were afraid to get near the water or just wanted good photos so they held the fish too high. The seals would get frustrated and splash water. Also they competed for the food with each other and seagulls.

I got some good photos and got dive bombed by a seagull that thought my camera was food. I ended up getting a photo of its tail as it flew by me. I must have spent forty minutes watching the fun.

I caught the Harbour Ferry to the Inner Harbour stop and got a little tour as a treat because some tourists got off at Swift Street which is north of the Johnson Street Bridge. It was cool to under the bridge. I took a few photos on the boat.

I had a burger at Garrick's Head Pub and talked to a couple from Nanaimo. I then caught the bus home.

Today was a nice day.


Shogun said...

Gosh, those seagulls seem so vicous! hahaha~ they're not so angry here! hmmm... Upon reading this, I have concluded that I think you'd make a great novelest. I think you sahould try write a book. Actually, I'd like too as well, but I always end up not being able to finish them.

Leon said...

Hey thanks. I always wanted to write a novel.

And yeah seagulls are mean.

The Masta said...

The segulls aren't that mean here but I wouldn't know because I almost neveer go to the beach but oh well