Friday, July 21, 2006


It. Is. Hot.

Today was my usual Friday volunteer day and I noticed the heat as soon as I left my place. The air conditioning at the office hit me like a moving wall as I went in the door. Later on the office felt warm and stuffy until I popped out for a cold drink. Beyond our door the air was hot and humid and the cafe was almost as bad. I was glad to get back to work.

I got someone to take a few photos of me and I am doctoring them up... erm working on them... now. (No I am not giving myself more hair. Ha ha.)

The day was okay over all but there was some tension. Sometimes people get fixated on a problem and can't seem to leave it alone. When their actions interfere with others we have to find ways to calm things down.

Sometimes I feel like a juggler who's mission is to mesmerize people. I use movement and (apparent) disorder to produce peace. A comment or misdirection can distract a person from the problem for a moment. This is so different from the direct approach of my security days. I can still be direct but balance it with subtlety.

The newspaper said that the police get busier during heatwaves. The heat causes people to create disorder. I see that too at work. People get "all fired up" and can't let it go. They stay animated until exhausted or arrested.

When things get hot I like to find a cool place and relax. That's what I did today. I left the heat, and work, behind and came home.

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