Friday, July 21, 2006

I Hate Phones

Today was pretty slow. I finished reading a novel I had read before. It was a nice light read.

Tonight I treated myself to Chinese food. I haven't had any in ages and it was good. Afterwards I stopped at Mac's for a drink and picked up 2 SoBe juice drinks for $3.00. The regular price for a 591 ml bottle is $2.49. I tried the pineapple-coconut flavoured "Liz Blizz" for the first time and liked it.

When I got home I decided to deal with the telephone message I ignored today. Most of my daytime messages deal with people getting the wrong number or wanting money from me. I hate dealing with the intrusions.

There was a time I used to say "no one loves me", and feel disappointed, if I didn't find any messages on my answering machine. Years of shift work and friends moving to computers has changed that.

I use a phone because I need one and it is convenient. I do like to talk to friends occasionally but find that the hassles outweigh the benefits.


Stephen said...

Mmmm....Sobe. I used to love getting the orange cream sicle one...think its called Tsunami or something like that.

LJ said...

You know FM - sometimes I get incredibly jealous of your life. I can only guess that circumstances in life have prohibited you from putting in 9-5 somewhere. Either that or your filthy rich and don't need to work. But I kinda long to be able to stay home, sleep in, stay up late, read books, play on the computer ... ahhhhh ... I must be ready for holidays ...

Leon said...

LJ I can assure you my life is quite boring. Haha. I have had a few 9 to 5 jobs but a lot more variable ones.