Sunday, July 30, 2006

Join Us For An Online Potluck!

On or around August 5th, 2006 you are invited to join us for an Online Potluck.

n : whatever happens to be available especially when offered to an unexpected guest or when brought by guests and shared by all; "having arrived unannounced we had to take potluck"; "a potluck supper"(

This is our Third Annual Online Potluck and it should be as fun as the previous two.


  1. Leave a note in my comments.

  2. In the note state your name, blog in which you will write/post pics, and what food you will write about. For example: Leon, Firemind, Fish. The relation between food and story can be as loose as you wish.

  3. Members of 2 Lazy 2 Blog can post their submissions in that blog if they wish.

  4. Photos can be posted with text or by themselves.

  5. Remember the date and write your story.

  6. Let me know the URL of your post and I will link to it and the other stories.

  7. Latecomers are welcome (within reason).


  • Write a post about a funny food experience.

  • Tell us about your favourite food.

  • Share one of your recipes.

  • Take a picture of your dinner or of a market. (Visit Flickr and find a photo licensed as 'creative commons' from one of the food groups such as Lunch or Food Porn).

  • Look at the previous potlucks for ideas: 2004, 2005.

Food Categories

Beverages, Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts

It would be nice to get submissions for all of the categories. Let's make a full meal! If you change your mind and submit something else that is okay.

1 comment:

Leon said...

Leon = beverage = coffee float and dessert = Pina Colada Float