Sunday, July 23, 2006

Photos And Fantasies

I chatted again for a bit and it went well. Both of us were feeling down but things didn't get worse. Saying hello and recognizing your own and your friend's energy level is important. Knowing when to say good night is too.

It can be a drag when friends are also feeling blue and can't pull you out of a rut. It is nice to know they are there.

Playing with pictures was fun. It took many tries to get one or two pics I thought good enough to post at Flickr. I may even be brave enough to post another here. I feel so exposed sometimes when I do appear in photos. I feel that the pic doesn't show the real me. I also feel like I am being judged.

When I am down I look for something to keep me occupied. Sleep doesn't seem an option right now so I am blogging and playing Civ 4. Both involve a bit of fantasy. In one I pretend to command your attention for a while. In the other I try to rule the world. The latter is much easier.


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