Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Slow Day

Yesterday was another one of those mixed days.

Yesterday morning I tried to avoid getting someone more upset than they were. I did okay I guess but I felt drained and upset afterwards. This morning I was nervous about IMing so I didn't. In a way this seemed worse that dodging verbal assaults.

This brings up another point. This blog is too open for me to discuss personal things. I may have to shift some of my posts to one of my blogs which can be locked. Meh, I'll have to think about this.

Yesterday I was so tired! I woke up fully clothed and didn't remember laying down. I dug out my leftover deli food and ate and felt a little more alive. I then read blogs and surfed the net.

I found some funny fake Mac commercials at Geeks Are Sexy. They made me laugh.

I usually write my posts in a word-processor on my computer and then copy it into Blogger. Some programs like MS Word add formatting that screws up when used in html. I always have to fix anything written in Word. I figured out how to set up Open Office to avoid the problem but Word was being a pain. I decided to try something else.

I downloaded AbiWord and I am using it to write this post. The program is small and easy to use. It does a good enough job for what I want. Furthermore it doesn't add formatting that will screw up my posts.

I am almost finished my Civ game and I am having fun. It is perfect for those times when I need some entertainment.

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