Monday, August 21, 2006

Alive: Sort Of.

Gah, I wanted to get so many things done today. I did nothing but sleep. I have been feeling ill for a few days but nothing heavy just sluggishness. Luckily I can eat and my store of granola bars has saved me from hunger.

Playing Civ has helped for the odd hours I am awake. The Rock & Roll wonder I mentioned is one of the cool new ones. Like "Broadway" and "Hollywood" it makes citizens happy, provides a cultural boost, and produces a trade item (hit singles). If only the real historical attitudes towards rock were as simple and clear.

I went to read my favourite blogs and got a surprise. The mastageekysomethingorother has changed again. I'll have to get it all worked out. Everyone stop by and tell him to find a name and stick to it.

Shogun posted after missing a day. I don't like to pressure friends to blog because I know how tough it can be. But if more people stop by and say hi he might be encouraged to blog more. :)

Okay, I had a snack and now I am off to have a real meal. The granola bar means I resist biting the waiters as they take my order. haha.


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