Friday, August 11, 2006

Crash Survivor

Just after I posted and a chat ended I felt myself starting to crash emotionally. I don't know why it was happening. I may have felt lonely or just depressed overall.

I have always "blogged out" my feelings before in one form or another. I have learned to be more direct about it. Sometimes just saying I am feeling down saves me the frustration of trying to express myself in a certain way. It also leads to more direct and meaningful comments.

I was going to blog earlier but didn't want to feed my mood. I played Civ for a few hours and the distraction helped.

I just popped online and chatted for a bit and decided to blog again. As soon as I got into a chat I let the person know how I was doing. One thing I learned from Shogun is that it's better to let people know your mood. It makes chatting easier for everyone and keeps the mood from getting worse.

So now I am chatting and blogging. These activities aren't curing my depression or the resulting headache but they help. I can reach out and not feel alone for a while. Being alone is okay except when you are ill or depressed.

I may play some more Civ before bed. I will finish the night with cookies and milk. Comfort foods help bad moods.

Good night.

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