Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who Needs Me?

I have been brooding too much lately (sorry Bryce). The poem I wrote recently describes part of my problem. My main issue is that I don't feel needed.

I feel like I am drifting away from people. Eventually they will look up and wonder where I am. What if I chose to wait until I was needed and discovered I was redundant? Meh, my brain sees all the bad things when I'm moody.

I know I should meet more people but that is a problem for me. What seems easy online is difficult in real life. Maybe I should look at new ways of getting myself out into the community.

Some of my blog posts have lead to interesting comments or discussions. In "My Religion" I posted a quiz I took and several people commented. I posted about music at The Masta's Blog and this lead to a discussion about music and a person joining 2 Lazy 4 Radio.

Yesterday I had tofu burgers and salads for supper. I used raisin bread made by my aunt. Over all it was a good meal. Tonight I went out. I needed to get out and didn't feel like cooking.

Tonight has been mixed. I lost my Internet connection but not email or IM. It was frustrating. I phoned my ISP but got a busy signal and then my Internet was back. Now I can blog and read blogs.

I am not brooding right now but I still ask myself: "who needs me?"

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