Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fun And Not

Yesterday I was still feeling a little rundown but I pushed myself and made it to my volunteer job. It was nice to get back into my routine. Work was hectic at times but nothing stressed me out.

After I left the office I went to find out about getting an optometrist appointment. I was referred to a doctor and will set up an appointment next week. I was procrastinating about it for ages and even asked people to remind me. Yesterday I reminded myself and went and did it.

I spent the evening and early morning playing games and chatting. I had some interesting discussions.

I posted at both "2 Lazy" blogs. We may have a problem at the music blog because of new restrictions at Radio Blog Club. I will check into it this weekend.

I have a bill to check on and pay on Monday. Sometimes I wish I could throw my phone out the window.

So yesterday was okay over all.

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