Thursday, August 31, 2006

Split Eyes

After brunch I went to the bank and paid my phone bill. I found out later I got the amount wrong and have to go again tomorrow. I save money on long distance by using a special calling service. But on my bill I notice that Telus charges a fee for letting me use the service. I can't win.

I went to the opticians and selected some glasses. They aren't fancy but will be okay. Glasses seem so light and fragile compared to the pair I have now. Mine must be real dinosaurs. I hope I don't have too many problems getting used to the new specs.

I needed a treat so I went for a Banana Split. I haven't had one for years and I really enjoyed it. Afterwards I was quite full.

Tonight I played online games until I got hungry again. I had a craving for lasagna and so I had that. What a day for special foods!

When I was walking home I stopped to say hi to one of the carriage horses. Jake(?) nudged me so I gave him a big hug. He then started nibbling on my pocket thinking my wallet was a snack. Luckily he didn't slobber on my pants. :)

Tonight I think I am going to read and play games. I may blog again later.



LJ said...

We'll need new pictures if you've got new glasses ....

Joel said...

Pics! More pics of food :)

Billy said...

perhaps food glasses?