Monday, September 04, 2006


I haven't felt like blogging this weekend. It's not like I had nothing to say because I did have some fine chats about photography and cartoons. I just wanted to think a bit and rest.

The new glasses are nice. I have some adapting to do yet but for the most part I am doing fine. The big thing is that my eyes are slightly off centered from each other. When the optician made my specs nice and tight so they rested in a good spot: the bifocal section interfered with the distance vision of one eye. So I wear them slightly loose and see okay.

Reading is okay but I do notice the transition area a bit when changing pages and so on. So many of my lazy eye habits get caught by the glasses now.

I don't have any problems when using the computer. This is a relief. For some really small print I just have to tilt my head back instead of changing the text size. God, that makes me feel old. ^__^

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Joel said...

Adjust to new glasses is like driving a new car: it takes a while.