Friday, September 22, 2006


I have been busy reading books lately. I will list some of the new books I read and some of the ones I reread when I had no new ones.

New Books

Godless by Pete Hautman, This is a very good YA book about some teens who start a new religion. It will make you think.

Rainbow Boys and Rainbow High: both by Alex Sanchez. These are funny and heartwarming novels about gay high-school students. They are very good.

I read the previous books a few months ago but wanted to mention them now. The following three books I read recently.

So Hard To Say by Alex Sanchez. This YA novel deals with some funny and interesting middle school students. Xio is a loud and friendly Hispanic girl who has a crush on the new boy Frederick. Frederick is getting confused because he seems attracted to other boys. The story is told from the viewpoints of these two characters and the method works well. Sanchez does a good job of presenting his characters as real teens. I found the novel easy to read and the characters likeable.

The Regulators and Desperation are two books written by Stephen King. They are separate stories (and can be read independently of each other), but share some of the same settings and characters.

Both books deal with a group of people facing an evil force. It is slightly different in each novel but has the same source. It is interesting to compare characters and plot-lines in the two novels.

I read Desperation second and was glad I did. I think it is the better novel and has a more convincing plot. It is a good horror story. I would suggest reading both novels to enjoy the odd connections between them.

Books I Re-read

The Gates Of Creation by Philip Jose Farmer. This is one of my standard "TV re-run" type books I can get into when bored. I actually read all of it for the first time in ages.

The following three books were fun to read again. They are YA novels I have reviewed before.

Geography Club and The Order Of The Poison Oak are both by Brent Hartinger.

Target by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson


Mick in the UK said...

Ok Leon...what's a YA book?

Leon said...

"Young Adult" - generally written for teens. Some of the best new contemporary fiction is being written in that field.

Mick in the UK said...

Thanks Leon, thought so, but you never know!