Friday, September 22, 2006

Mixed Feelings

Yesterday, I finally caught up on my sleep. The mix of stress and lack of sleep was wearing me down but I made up for it by being comatose for a long time. When I woke up I went out to eat and had to pace myself so I wouldn't get sick. Things worked out okay.

Today was volunteer day and I was happy to go to the office. For a while it was very busy and we had some intense people to deal with. I was happy when the day was done.

I wandered around visiting bookstores until I was hungry. I had bangers and mash for dinner at the pub. It was great.

When I got home I got playing around with some code for a website and found I could do some extra stuff with it. (No, I am not turning into a hacker. Haha.) Some sites are poorly designed.

I am still adapting to the changes in my friends. I will be fine but things seem odd now.

1 comment:

Joel said...

Huh? Adapting to their getting used to you or...?