Monday, September 25, 2006

A Good Day

Sunday (yesterday) was a good day. It wasn't an easy day but it was good.

In the early morning I got to talk with one friend and deal with some things. Last night I talked with another and this helped too. One thing friends are good for is helping people work out problems.

I feel like I am doing something to help myself rather than just sit still and fret over what happens to me. The more important a change is to me: the more I want to think it through before acting. Sometimes that doesn't work.

I think I am making progress.

Last night I worked on things a different way. I took a break from them.

I popped online, checked movie times, said a quick "hello" to a friend, and then dashed off to catch the bus.

The movie I saw was Flyboys and I really enjoyed it. The movie is about American fighter pilots who fought for France in WW1. The characters are interesting and the action is exciting (just remember your air-sickness bag, LOL).

That was my day.


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