Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I went out for brunch and then went up town. I started with a jacket but stepped back inside to take it off because it was so warm.

I stopped in at the office to pick up some information about an agency. I visited for a while and then helped out for a little bit. Idle hands get put to work. ^__^

I wandered over to A&B Sound and checked out Tegan and Sara CDs. Next I went to the Starbucks inside Chapters. I had a latte and sat in one of the window seats watching people walking in the street.

People watching can be fun. Everyone has their own style of clothes, or hair, and their own mannerisms. Looking from the second floor window at Chapters: I see them as small glimpses of individual stories moving through my perceptions. Another way to see it is that they are all aspects of my story. Bits of setting and plot giving texture to something bigger.

I walked home and was happy to provide a much needed nose scratch to one of the carriage horses that work in the area. The horse gave me a "don't stop" look when I pulled my hand away.

Last night I read, chatted with friends, and listened to music.


Joel said...

Chat with friends? On-line?

Leon said...

Um...yeah. Most of my friends are online.