Friday, September 29, 2006

Small Accomplishments

I woke up last night and didn't know what time it was or even what day it was. The only thing I knew was that I didn't feel sick.

Part of my problem with friends lately is that I haven't had much to say about myself. This combined with a lack of interest (sometimes) has left me feeling forgotten and useless. Some people have been talking to me and I appreciate that.

I was checking stats for Firemind and noticed that readership is down. I know that some people subscribe to my blog in Bloglines and other readers and they don't show up in the stats as visits. (I guess that's why I like to physically visit a blog when I read it).

Part of me just wants to stop worrying about people and live my own life. Part of me says "screw readers" and write for myself. I am doing more of that. I also don't shove people away so I am trying to find a balance. I am getting there slowly but surely.

So what are those accomplishments I mentioned in the title? "Getting there" is one of them. I also read all of Stephen King's "The Bachman Books" this week. That's four novels! I also made myself some bologna burgers this morning.

Sometimes the little things outweigh the big ones.


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Fin said...

CORSE you should write for yourself - that's what blogging is all about :)