Friday, September 15, 2006


I noticed that the local newspaper (The Times Colonist) had a story about the guy who went on a shooting spree at a Montreal university. I agree it is news, and that the story should be told, but hate to see photos of the idiot on the front page. The guy loved violence and wanted to die in a gun battle. He get's his wish and kills and injures people in the process. Our newspaper then "rewards" him by showing photos from his blog. Photos of a guy posing with his weapons. We don't see him as a bloody mess in a morgue or as student or child. We see him as he wanted to be portrayed.

Why must we feed society's hunger for violence by glorifying murderers? I was going to link to the news story but decided he had too much fame already. I am not going to give him any more.


Joel said...

I know you know the answer and I applaud your post to stop posting about...him.

Leon said...

Thanks Joel.

David said...

Does anyone know whether the shooter preferred corn flakes for breakfast?