Sunday, October 29, 2006

For The Record

I am not going to stop blogging. I like it too much.

I have been struggling with Firemind and what I want to write here. This blog started out as a place to play with ideas. I gave the blog my personal touch without sharing too much of my personal life.

Over the last year I adapted to my readers and opened up a lot. As you responded to my posts and asked questions I got ideas for more posts. Other bloggers, Shogun for example, had a big effect on my writing. By reading their blogs and chatting with some of them I was inspired to write. I also began to share more of my life. Unfortunately my blog became more reactive than proactive.

I never worried about writing too much about my life. I am a good editor. My trouble is that I like to tell a good story and this takes time and energy. In the last few months things have been hectic and painful. I would like to blog about it so that I can 'finish the story' and move on but digging up the past hurts and it keeps me from playing with new ideas.

My problem is with how I write at Firemind. It's a bit like taking on a persona and knowing what is appropriate and what isn't. The blog has mirrored my mood a lot this year and also added to my moodiness. When I couldn't come up with fresh ideas I could blog here and tap into my angst. For every wound this blog healed I'm sure it opened another. This can be a very emo blog.

What I need is change. I will blog at Braindance for a while and I may move there for good. I will also blog here. Posts at Braindance may be edgier and more adult. Posts here will be 'the usual' (whatever that is. ^__^).

I would love some feedback. Tell me what you like about this blog and what you don't. Email me if you want.

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LJ said...

I've never understood dropping one blog site and creating another in an effort to change "persona's" per sae. Why can't one just keep the same site, but change the style? Or is it more that you don't want all the history attached to the new way? Please help me understand.