Sunday, October 29, 2006

Meebo Me Test/Post 1100

I tested Meebo Me by opening Firemind in two browser windows. Each instance of Meebo Me was separate and private. Here is a screenshot of one of the conversations.

I have to be signed into Meebo to chat but that is okay. It opens up another level of communication with readers.

This is my 1100th post. I had hoped to finish up some post ideas and say goodbye to some aspects of the past. I even considered making this my last Firemind post. I wouldn't want to start a new blog with 'baggage' that fits this one better so I'll be posting here for a while.


Joel said...

What's the new system you're considering after dumping Blogger?

Leon said...

Actually I am not considering dumping Blogger. I am switching to the beta-blogger.