Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bah, #@%$

I wasn't going to post here tonight. I wrote a quick post in one of my other blogs and was going to play a computer game. Then I saw a friend was online and decided to say hello.

I only talk to him about once a week and the chats used to be great but now they are varied. The chat started okay. The conversation covered his news - which I had to ask about. Then he seemed to stop responding so I switched to what I was doing. No response. 15 minutes later... still no response.

Why are some people so rude when chatting?

Why do they make me feel like a second class friend?

I know another person who disappears in the middle of chats and I find it annoying as well. I wonder if I expect more of the guy I talked to tonight because we were once close friends.

I guess it is time to look at what I want from people and what I expect from them.


LJ said...

Sometimes if I'm 'chatting' at work I have to let a conversation go. I'm not supposed to 'chat' at work, so work comes first and by the time I get back to a conversation the other person is gone. I'm never sure how to handle those situations. I just assume that the person knows I'm 'chatting' at work and might dissappear.

Anonymous said...

I guess lj has a point, but still, I've seen a similar lack of common decency. When I am in a situation where I may need to cut out quickly, I let the other person know in advance.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happens to me and I call it 'hit and run' personality type. There is one friend who usually initiates a chat conversation with me, but because we live in different time zones, he usually initiates the chat when he is sitting at home playing on his computer and I am sitting in my office working. This friend always says a few sentences and then disappears without saying goodbye. It is so annoying such that I block him temporarily and only chat once in a while 'when I am in the mood'.