Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rain And Blogs

The November rain is falling outside. I was cold when I went to breakfast. I hope to get some things done today but that will depend on how I feel.

Right now I am dividing my time between blogging, searching blogs, and playing Age Of Mythology Gold. (It has both AOM and the Titans expansion).

I am working out some post ideas for this blog. I have some memories to write about including: ghost hunting in York, and mountain climbing alone. Both may be long posts and I have to be in the mood to write them.

I was playing around with Blog Search again. I tried search terms like "I like blogging", "I like writing", and "I live in Victoria". I tried others as well. I found several interesting blogs written by people of all ages. A few of them deal with writing. The ones by young people may be featured in a post at 2 Lazy 2 Blog.

I plan to write a series of short posts about blogging at BBD. Topics I am thinking about include 'citing sources', and 'comments'.

It looks like I will be busy for a while. Maybe I should have set aside some housekeeping chores 'for a rainy day' too. Naaaahhh. ^__^



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