Monday, December 11, 2006

Deleting Some Blogs And Reviving Others

I am cleaning out blogs tonight. I was admin in blogs owned by other people until I removed myself. I also deleted one of my test blogs.

Blogging is never simple for me. I wanted to keep a record of the blogs I had worked on so I wrote several posts at Roar. I will continue to document "my old blogs" and delete some of them before I transfer my account to the new version of Blogger. I don't see any point in transferring dead blogs that are not useful. Some of my old blogs may be saved.

I am adding labels (blogger's version of tags) to my new posts. When I switch to beta-blogger I will copy them to the proper spot and delete the text versions.


eugene plawiuk said...

I used to have four blogs, now I am down to one. And since at least one of the blog sites is now gone, tis a good thing. I found trying to run three or four blogs was well, difficult. Even though I was using them for specific purposes, in the end it just made sense to put all my wacky wonderful ideas in one place. Though I have links to my two other existing sites on my main blog.

Leon said...

I agree that having multiple blogs is difficult. My problem is that what I want to write or experiment with doesn't always fit Firemind.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.