Sunday, December 10, 2006

What? Me? Too Many Blogs?

I left a comment at a blog one day and then found this comment at Braindance:

Sheesh Leon! You have so many blogs..which is your "main" one?

I chuckled to myself because my beta-blogger profile only shows three blogs. That didn't seem like too many. Then I thought of my old account - the one with Firemind and the others. I laughed out loud then, because I DO have a lot of blogs listed there, and I couldn't remember the exact number of blogs I have.

I checked out both of my accounts and wrote down what I found.

Beta-blogger Account

  • Blogs showing on profile: 3
  • Total Blogs: 5
  • Active Blogs: 3
  • Test Blogs: 1
  • Dormant/Unused 1

Main Account

  • Blogs showing on profile: 9
  • Total Blogs: 31
  • Active: 3 (Firemind, 2 Lazy 2 Blog, 2 Lazy 4 Video)
  • Dormant: 6 - Blogs that I like but have no time for right now.
  • Dead: 8 - I don't delete these because they are useful as examples or for the information they hold.
  • Not started: 2 - I have two great ideas I just haven't had time to do anything with.
  • Group Blogs: 17
  • Test Blogs: 7 (5 are 'group blogs')

Note that half of my blogs are group blogs and shared test blogs. Shared test blogs make it easier to teach/help other bloggers. When I set up The Demo Blog I had everyone set up test blogs and invite other members.

I will delete or withdraw from several blogs when I switch my old account over to the new version of blogger. I may also ask people to 'adopt' some of the dead blogs with interesting URLs. Geek 2 Geek, for example, could be turned into tech blog with a cheeky but appropriate name.

Blogs are like books. Once they are started they take on some of the writer's character. That makes them special and makes it hard for both the blogger and the blog reader to let them go. I may have trouble getting rid of some of my blogs for sentimental reasons.

Blogs are a part of cyberspace history. They are evidence of our existence at a particular time and place. They say: we were here!

I have many blogs because I want people to know I was here... and there, and there, and...

Cheers. ^__^

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