Friday, January 12, 2007

A Busy Day Made Me Tired

Today was a good day and a busy one. I was at my usual Friday volunteer job and the shift went well. Afterwards I had an early supper with a friend and we talked about computer stuff and other topics. One of the things we discussed was whether or not to create a mental health group blog.

I have another blog to list a BBD but I need to email the blogger for some info first. I wrote a post the other day saying 33 blogs were listed. Already that post is out of date. The directory continues to grow.

I added an "ad free blog" icon to the sidebar. I decided to express my opinion about ads on blogs. I am not totally against advertising but get tired of being bombarded by ads. Free services like Blogger are a nice change from commercial sites and it is a shame that adverts compete with content for space and our attention spans.

I would like to mention another addition to the sidebar. I added a mini survey about how you read Firemind. Please take some time to check it out.

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