Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are Marketers Blind?

I got this email today:


My name is Michael. We are promoting [company] and want to put a banner on your blog. Please contact me on [email].

Best regards,


Dear Michael,

I am flattered that you wish to make my blog look trashy but wonder if the banner will actually help anyone. How can you get a banner right if you try get it posted to a blog with this:

in the sidebar?



yongkailoon said...

You have a great blog but perhaps you should have more pictures so that it makes the eyes feel better. Cheers mate ! :D

Thom Dickey said...

I agree that some marketers seem to be blind. You've got a great site here. I'll be back.

Leon said...

Yongkailoon - hehe, sometimes I post too many pics. Thanks for stopping by.

Thom - Thanks. :)