Monday, April 16, 2007

Dear Media

This is an open letter to the media covering the shooting at Virginia Tech.

Dear Media,

A gunman has killed many people at Virginia Tech. While that is news and needs to be reported please try to use some common sense. Don't intrude on the victims and definitely don't glorify the killer.

Every time the media turns an incident like this into a soap opera it plants the seeds of another tragedy. Act responsibly and you may save a life.

Thank you,

Leon aka Firemind.


Comedy + said...

Do you think they will listen?

Anonymous said...

although this is very true the media is the media and they will never listen

Leon said...

Some sites will and some will just carry on being stupid. Thanks for commenting.

Skittles said...

I knew it would happen even before it actually did.. the Let's Place Blame Game.

I hated when they started saying the police should have KNOWN there were going to be more shootings two hours later.

And I agree.. glorifying the killer? They need to stop that.

Leon said...

I wish they had shut down the college but, yeah, they couldn't know.