Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blogging Versus Writing

I just finished the part 3 of the roundup I was working on.

At the last minute I found a link that needed to be included in my post. Irritation turned to happiness when I saw that it fit the post and added to it.

I felt odd - as if I has just relearned something about myself. It wasn't until I read a comment in my last post that I understood what I was feeling. I was glad that I finished the project but, more importantly, pleased that I had discovered something new.

Discovery is an important aspect of both my writing and photography. I can plan projects and edit them but the ideas have to stay fresh. As long as something stays new and interesting I can work with it endlessly. When it becomes "old" I can lose interest in it and it can be frustrating to keep at it.

Once I set the last roundup in motion it became a 'duty' and I felt I had to finish it. I had the willpower and the knowledge, but not the inspiration, to finish the project. The project was "old".

In some ways I blog differently than I write. My "writing" (as opposed to my "journaling") tends to be proactive - especially when it comes to fiction. I discover things by thinking "what if". I invent and then reflect.

My blogging (and journaling) tends to be reactive. I observe or read something and then try to express what I have seen. My ability and willingness to write is more dependent on time factors. Fresh or vivid memories are easier to write about.

When working on big blog projects I must find ways to use both of my writing styles to stay on track. I must be reactive to blog about things that will interest others. I must be proactive to keep myself interested and write with passion.

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