Monday, August 06, 2007

Week Daze

I can't believe I have the energy to blog. In the last few days I went from getting up early and feeling great to being tired all of the time.

City of Heroes has helped me pass the time. Thursday I couldn't sleep and my mind kept racing about. I played COH until I was tired out and then slept for many hours. I have been sleeping a lot and slowly getting back to "normal".

Part of the problem with blogging lately is that it takes mental effort and I have to have something I am willing to write about. Feeling lousy isn't a fun topic. :)

I may start a COH blog to record my ideas and to keep me blogging. It may be permanent or temporary.

Not all is gloomy. I have had some nice walks in the sunshine and I recently had Dim Sum with my friend.



LJ Ducharme said...

Are you doing better? You've been very very quiet.

Leon said...

Things are okay. It's just life in the slow lane.