Sunday, August 10, 2003

Browsing For Books

I was browsing the bookstores on Friday and found a number of titles that looked interesting. I initially checked Russell Books (a used bookstore) for the remaining Well World novels but I could only find the last one and not #4 which I needed. I checked Munro's and Coles and Chapters but they didn't have the book I wanted.

As I looked for the novels I also looked for nonfiction books in the fields of history, mythology, paganism, religion and writing. I found a number of titles that looked interesting. I will return to the bookstores this week and buy some of them. My mind is craving "anthropological themes" - it does from time to time.

I looked at cheap classics on sale at Chapters but I played it safe and decided on contemporary fiction. The book I eventually bought was American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I liked 'Neverwhere' but it wasn't a "classic" for me. What made American Gods stand out was that I knew there was a diaryring associated with it. It looked interesting and it was popular so I got it.

All this work paid off this weekend. I read, slept, ate, read, get the picture. I finished American Gods today and loved it. It was fantastic. The characters, and the themes really pulled me into the story. The writing kept me there. The book was 'the right novel' at the right time.

Browsing for books can be so satisfying. The results are wonderful.

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