Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Music, Books and Geography

I was looking at music cds yesterday. I used to buy lots of New Age music years ago. This slowed down for a number of reasons. I listened to a lot of music to calm down after work. When I got laid off I didn't need as much stress relief. Another factor was that I no longer could afford to buy cds.

When I got my first computer I had another entertainment source so I never really got back into music. I listen to music now and again but rarely buy new cds.

Music soothes the Savage Beast. I guess I am not savage lately.

I stopped in a bookstore yesterday but didn't buy anything. I was going out for dinner and didn't want to carry anything. I looked at a book on Ancient Egyptian Religion and set it back on the shelf. It was picked up by a young boy of eight or so. He opened the book to the map page and said, "Giza, I know about Giza!" His little brother asked, "What's Giza?" The older boy said, "That's where the 'Leaning Tower' is." I had to laugh. Giza sounds enough like Pisa. According to books like "Pullet Surprises" the boy is on par with the average high school or university student.

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