Sunday, August 17, 2003

Dream: The Wild Boy

I had a weird dream Saturday morning about a dreamer who has to fight his enemies in both the dream world and while he is awake. While awake the teen and his old black dog (Blacky) have to put up with his aunt Sarah who is a bitch. (She has strangely coiffured black hair.) In the dream world he is a hero and so is the dog.

In the dream world he is 'The Wild Boy' a naked youth accompanied by a sentient black dog (called Dog). They are respected fighters against 'Rasha the Medusa' and the 'stone dwarves' (who turn to stone in sunlight).

One of The Wild Boy's allies is 'The Keeper Of The Board'. The Keeper protects and interprets the signs on the magic map board. The 'board' is like a radar screen in that actions within a certain distance of the board can be seen as drawings on the board.

The war against the stone - dwarves goes well until Rasha sides with them. She can turn enemies to stone so the spirits of dead dwarves can possess them and infiltrate the allies armies. The allies begin to lose the war.

The Wild Boy learns that Rasha is Sarah. In the world of the awake he gets some mischievous young cousins to substitute hair remover for her hair tonic. Sarah is devastated/embarrassed and leaves town (making his life easier). In the dream world the newly bald Rasha is powerless to help the dwarves and they lose the war and retreat back under the earth.

This dream was fun and very detailed.

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