Friday, August 08, 2003

Sunshine And Puppy Poop

Today was a little bizarre. I was at my volunteer location and noticed that my boss' dog needed to go outside. Since this little ball of fur is my friend I welcomed the chance to take her for a walk. The puppy pulled hard on the leash and we were off. We walked for a bit and then the dog decides to do her business. Luckily we were on public property because I forgot to bring a plastic bag.

Well puppy humps up and grunts and poops on her furry tail. She then goes spastic trying to dislodge the turd. Meanwhile I am trying to find something to help the dog while not getting any doggy doo on me. A handy pinecone did the job. Just then a woman's voice said, "Do you need a bag?" and I replied: "Oh yes please!"

I got the dog settled down and her tail reasonable clean. I then cleaned the mess and found a garbage can. We continued to walk but headed back to the office because it was so hot. When we got inside I cleaned her tail with paper towel.

Who says volunteer jobs aren't exciting.

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