Monday, March 13, 2006

Tired But Happy

The last few days have been hectic and I was getting quite tired. I talked with different friends online and off and this helped but in different ways. Sometimes the (offline) people who know me best seem to help the least.

One friend in particular irritated me by reducing people to stereotypes. That person rarely does that and I wondered why it was happening. Probably it was to protect me from getting hurt, but all it did was make me angry.

I am slowly reaching out to people after being a "hermit". I haven't really been isolated as much as self reliant. But outside and interpersonal changes cause inner changes. I found my self unprepared for that. My friend B has been a big help.

I finished another YA novel this weekend and now have three to review. :) Reading is so much fun.

Today I rested a lot and went out for supper. I had 'Drunken Piggies' which was Bangers and Mash where the sausages are done in a wine sauce. It was good.

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"B" said...

Meh, I'm supoposed to be reading for English, hahaha~ only time I actually get time to read it, is sometimes in Study period when I don't have things to do, hahahahaha~ that's not very often.