Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Everyone I talked to recently has had something to say about Mother's Day. Many blogfriends went out to dinner with their families. Since my mom lives elsewhere I had to settle for a phone call. We had a nice chat.

I am feeling better today but am still a bit run down. I was going to eat out and then go to a movie but settled on food and a rest.

I walked downtown and had a burger which was good. Service was bad because the place was busy. I really needed some water and felt a little ill. I asked several times before I finally got some. Later I heard the waiter's voice coming from the kitchen. "What am I an Octopus?' he yelled. Busy days can be stressful.

I was full and tired when I finished eating so I went home.

I like special occasions sometimes but know they can be a pain. Today I didn't have to survive a family function. I hope you all survived/enjoyed yours.

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