Friday, June 02, 2006

Like A Bee

It was fairly busy at work today but there were no problems. The constant pace meant that I was happy to leave when it was time. The wildest bit was getting used to a new phone system. That should make things interesting for a few days.

I found out there will be changes to my other position but nothing drastic. I will find out more about that next week.

After work I had an early supper and stopped in the bookstore before coming home. I had planned on a movie tonight but was a bit tired. I chatted online for a bit but found I myself getting impatient due to being tired.

This weekend I should be busy uploading photos and working on a podcast. I have been thinking of doing some more fiction but I will have to see. Lately my writing has been focused on short term intuitive goals.

Tomorrow I have to clean up my links page and add the mascot to the sidebar at 2 Lazy 2 Blog.


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