Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fun And Gaims 1

I was happy to get out and do some banking and shopping today. It was nice and sunny but not too hot.

I stopped in at Zydeco and had fun looking at the weird stuff. They have rubber duckies of many types. Hippies, bikers and so on - but no Emo Duckies. They also have Jesus action figures and other fun stuff.

I checked on the book "Once Were Warriors" and it is available, but only in trade paperback so I will check used book stores.

When I was walking to Zydeco I saw a young woman walking her ferret. It was quite friendly when I petted it. I had to stop it from crawling up my pant-leg!

Tonight I tried to get Gaim working again but was unable to. I uninstalled it and cleaned out related files and re-downloaded the Exe and installed again. I still get the same error so I may have to clean the registry entries or try another IM client.

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