Thursday, August 24, 2006

Leave Each Other Alone!

Sometimes I get so angry with people. People who can't respect those different from themselves. I have been hurt and brutalized by people because I didn't fit in. I sometimes fought back and even if the harassment didn't end I respected myself. Sometimes I caved in and drifted through life with no self esteem and little hope.

One of my "friends" even tried to explain why he didn't defend me and sometimes joined in. It all boiled down to him being relieved that he wasn't the victim and that he didn't want to be "uncool". Mindless idiot.

I finally graduated from high school and learned not to work with certain people. I haven't had to face that type of animosity for a long time. I remember what it was like.

I didn't look different. We didn't have emos, and punks, and so on. We barely had anyone with long hair. It didn't matter. People needed a victim.

Now there are different groups in many schools. People tend to hang around with others who share their interests. Sometimes they band together because they are tired of the shit that some students put them through.

Some end up acting just as bad as the haters and call each other half-emo, or poser, or something similar. Most just want to be left alone.

Who gives a shit if a guy wears eyeliner or a girl has spiked hair. People need to get their heads out of their butts and realize that they have more important things to worry about.

I really hate seeing a friend go through shit because of how he dresses or wears his hair. Shogun is a really nice guy who happens to be emo. I know he has been having problems with people harassing him. In a previous post he wrote:

Because of how hateful my school is getting, I'm too afraid to go anywhere by myself anymore. (#)

This is insane.

Leave Each Other Alone!

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Billy said...

Really that's just stupid. Like the which hunts. Really