Thursday, August 24, 2006

Still Wagging

I woke up feeling tired and crappy a little while ago. I think I'll feel good when I get some food into me and get cleaned up. What is going to be a pain is catching up on my housecleaning and dealing with all the messages on my answering machine.

I am feeling out of touch with friends too. I talked to some this week but not others. I feel like a recluse. Ha ha.

After reading Shogun's blog yesterday morning I wrote my previous post. I was a bit angry at the time.

One chameleon-like blogfriend has changed blogs again. You can find him at My Life: Unscripted. Stop in and say hello and follow the link to a cool cartoon.

I haven't had time to read any other blogs in the last few days. I will have fun doing that.

The next few days are going to be busy but I look forward to getting things done... sort of.


Billy said...
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Billy said...

Well I am sorry I will stay at this blog for a while. Or maybe for ever

Leon said...

Okay, and you can stay rent free.