Thursday, August 17, 2006


It is quiet and peaceful right now. I am feeling quiet too but not so peaceful.

I wrote a few posts in 2 Lazy 2 Blog last night and this morning. Several things kept me busy.

I am still having problems with Gaim and found out that the bug is being worked on by the programs developers. Now I am getting booted out of AIM periodically. Meh.

I am working on a blog post idea/project and it seems to be taking forever. I think it's cool but also find working on it depressing sometimes.

Being quiet is okay as is being at peace. Knowing that my emotions could boil over is a little distressing. I accept how I feel and understand why I am feeling this way, but I am leery of making a scene.

Am I dissatisfied, lonesome, depressed, or all of the above? Or none? I am not really brooding as much as trying to recognize what I am feeling.

I sit...

feeling alone...

knowing that my thoughts...

won't be read for hours.

That is good in a way because by then my mood will have changed. Comments or a lack of them won't make things worse... or better.

These are my emotions. I claim them. I don't feel ill because of them. I feel healthy because I recognize them and can control them.


LJ said...

At least you know your thoughts will be read.

Leon said...

Yeah, and thanks for reading. ^__^